Why Choose TRSS Reaction?

TRSS Reaction is one of the country’s most revered security and safety companies. We pride ourselves on being respected 24 hour armed reaction specialists.

South Africa, being one of the most crime drenched countries in the world craves a system that is trustworthy, dependable and highly skilled. Criminals are always coming up with new ways in which to wreak havoc on others’ lives.

Why us?
• Professional and dependable
We are a professional armed response company. We handle all of your distresses in complete professional fashion, thinking not only of your safety, but also the safety of those around you, also involved. You can always depend on our name and our services.

• Proficient and skilled
There is no one out there with more skilled staff than what we have. Our security professionals go through rigorous training where they learn how to cope in an extremely difficult and dangerous situation, as well as how to treat those involved.

• Principled and punctual
When you call, we’ll be there! You can trust that we will respond as soon as possible and that we will be 110% punctual to any emergency that needs assistance. We have a variety of in-house principles that are carried out to our staff, and practiced by them, and us, in all incidents.

• Proactive and progressive
We know that society is always changing. We keep up with the latest trends in the criminal and theft sphere and remain on top of these so as to eliminate them before they reach innocent individuals.
All in all we are a recognised industry leader constantly seeking out and eliminating any threats to society in this beautiful country.

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