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At the end of 2015, TRSS Reaction was launched. RSS Security Services and Tactical Reaction Services recognised that they could provide a more effective armed reaction service by joining forces. TRSS was the result; a joint venture that combined the armed reaction services of RSS and TRS.

We successfully merged the two armed reaction operations, including expanding and moving control rooms whilst still remaining fully SAIDSA compliant. The result, TRSS, provides better service to you, our valued clients.

Where our security company is today!

Since our inauguration, we have had some fun with re-branding. Approximately 70 armed reaction vehicles were launched, new decals were put onto the cars, and 30,000 Armed Response boards were erected in Gauteng. Building a respected brand was tough, but our dedicated staff stepped up to the plate, put in the extra time and ‘painted the town red’ with our new boards. The feedback from our clients and the general public has been exceptionally positive.

What are we doing differently that results in better service to our customers?

First and foremost, we offer faster and more consistent reaction times. Our top priority is the safety and security of our clients and their assets. Here is how we achieved this:

  • We have deployed more 24 hour SWAT vehicles that, in addition to performing a specialist security role, also provides backup and responds to alarms when the armed response car dedicated to a particular area is already busy with another client.
  • In our control room we have a second manager and additional senior supervisors that have been hired to make sure that all systems and controllers are being monitored at all times and that quality checks are being done continuously.
  • To provide better customer service, our new Public Relations Department now handles all customer care queries. Please contact them on 086 111 4021 or by email– compliments and queries will be handled and solved within 48 hours

We are now one of a handful of SD6 compliant private security companies in SA that have the most reaction vehicles and back up vehicles per client ratio. That means faster reaction times when you need us!

Contact us for more information about our security and armed reaction services in Gauteng.

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