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How to Combat Organised Retail Crime: Tips From a Commercial Security Company

As a commercial security company, TRSS has helped many businesses to secure their premises against organised retail crime by assessing the risks and advising on appropriate solutions. Here are some tips to keep your retail business safe from shoplifting, theft and burglary by addressing issues that include technology, staff and store planning. 

Advice From a Commercial Security Company on How to Combat Retail Crime:


There are various developments in technology that can assist retail stores in keeping their products and premises safe and secure. Some of the most common measures include:

Electronic Article Surveillance

Electronic article surveillance (security tags) that are attached to products and need to be manually removed from the item before it leaves the store is a common security measure. This means that if a tag is not removed or deactivated, it will activate an alarm upon leaving the store. These measures have become more sophisticated over time. These days they are harder to tamper with and bypass through the usual methods, such as by using aluminium lined bags.

Video Surveillance 

By recording what happens in the store with the help of video surveillance, security threats can be detected, patterns can be studied and deterrents can be put in place to combat retail crime. TRSS provides not only wireless CCTV cameras, but also install CCTV cameras for your business. Furthermore, we will assist you in finding the correct layout for the cameras to ensure that the entire premises is fully covered.

Monitored Alarms and Access Control

For maximum efficacy, security measures such as monitored alarms and access control should be linked to a control centre. This allows the systems to be monitored and, therefore, any irregularities or breaches can be dealt with swiftly. 

Biometrics, Movement Control, Number Plate Recognition and Facial Recognition Systems

TRSS provides biometrics, movement control, number plate recognition systems and facial recognition systems that are linked to control centres and are monitored 24/7. If a threat or alert is picked up, a response team is dispatched to your location. Implementing these measures correctly will minimise the risk of retail theft. TRSS can provide information on these and other security measures that are best suited to your business. 


Employing a security guard or staff member to welcome customers and monitor access to the retail floor can go a long way in deterring organised retail crime. However, this is not the only measure that should be taken. 

The hiring process should be part of the effort in combating retail crime and, therefore, all prospective employees should be screened for criminal background. The SAPS can provide a police clearance certificate at a minimal fee with the candidate’s permission.

Furthermore, employees can be used to deter crimes on the retail floor by being present and engaging with customers. Customer interaction can not only deter opportunistic crimes, but can also safeguard stores against future incidents.

Store Planning 

The store layout and displays can combat instances of retail crime by improving visibility across the retail floor and by keeping commonly stolen items under stricter control. Small items and items that are regularly targeted (such as cigarettes, electronics, medications and liquor) can be placed on shelves behind the cashier’s counter to deter casual theft. These types of merchandise can even be locked in display cabinets that are only accessible to the client when he/she is being assisted by an employee. 

For more tips on combating organised crime in the retail sector, contact commercial security company TRSS today. 


5 Top Security Trends for 2020

As the New Year begins, the security industry is already buzzing with discussions about a variety of technological advancements. These are likely to not only develop further through the coming year, but also to make significant changes to the way security operatives will work. From changes in CCTV cameras to cloud-based monitoring systems, here are the top five security trends for 2020.


A major point of discussion in the industry globally is the effect that cybersecurity is having on physical security. This is set to be the top trend as the new year gets under way. The Internet of Things (IoT) and social media are both serious considerations for the industry, as security systems become increasingly more integrated with the internet and hackers continue to use social media platforms as sources of sensitive information. Security systems being increasingly smart and connected, new measures need to be taken to protect them against hacking, particularly in the commercial sector. 


Although AI has not been rolled out to a large extent in South Africa, it is set to be as dominant here as it is starting to become in other countries. American security companies are starting to offer fully integrated home surveillance systems that add predictive AI to wireless cameras and IPTV. The AI operates on deep learning algorithms that are able to determine whether any movements that activate cameras and sensors are as a result of a human or an animal or some other moving object. The AI interacts with human monitoring systems to determine courses of action after an activation. This kind of technology is rapidly advancing and is likely to become standard at some point in the future.

Facial Recognition

Biometric identification systems  are also advancing at a pace. Fingerprint access systems have long been common in South African businesses. Facial recognition is the next innovation to rise towards standardisation. While not exactly new, the technology is becoming more accessible.

Cloud Computing

Cyber security and physical security are converging in a number of interesting ways. In addition to IoT, cloud-based services are becoming more common in the security industry, allowing access to security devices through a smartphone or web-based browser.

Identity as the New Perimeter

“Identity is the new perimeter” is becoming a common catchphrase in the world of cyber security, and physical security by extension. Put simply, security professionals now need to come up with ways to reliably identify and verify users. As more and more business and other daily functions are being carried out online, this means that digital identity is the latest barrier between users and data and network infrastructure. 

As a leading security company, TRSS does its best to stay up to date on all the latest trends in the industry. We integrate them into our operations, which means our patrolling, tactical armed response, monitoring, guarding and wireless CCTV camera systems are all kept at the cutting edge. Contact us for more information.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Keeping Your Home Secure During the Festive Season

It’s that time of year when you will be setting off on holiday and finally enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time after a long, hard year. Unfortunately, the festive season is also a favourite amongst criminals, who take advantage of relaxed home owners and empty homes. You want to enjoy your holiday without worrying about the safety of the house. So, take the following advice to heart and keep your home safe and secure this Christmas and New Year.

Get Someone to Look after the House

If you’re going away and leaving your home for a week or two, the best thing to do is always to have someone you trust staying at the house and taking care of it. This would be the first prize, if it is possible. Make sure that the person you choose maintains constant activity and a regular presence to deter any would-be burglars. Also, make sure that they have all the necessary emergency numbers, including that of your security company

Even if you can’t find anyone to stay there for the duration of your stay, try to get someone – a family member or friend – to go in and check up on a daily basis.

Create the Illusion of Activity

If you can’t have someone at the house most of the time, you need to create the illusion of presence and activity. Don’t leave your lights on 24/7; that is a sure give away. Rather, plug your inside lamps into plugs with timers set to go on and off at particular times of the day and night. Do the same with your exterior lights if you can. Again, you should never leave your outside lights on all the time. 

If you have someone checking on the place regularly, ask them to close and open the curtains, switch lights on and off, and make a bit of noise too now and then. 

Don’t Tell the Whole World You’re Going on Holiday

Only tell people you trust that you will be away. Don’t broadcast it to everybody. You never know who might take an interest in your absence. And, you would be surprised how fast word can spread to the wrong people!

Check Your Home Security System before Leaving

Before you leave, test your home security system to ensure that it is in full working order. It’s obviously no good if there is a sensor or mag that isn’t working at all; it will only serve to create an easy opening for criminals. And, furthermore, it’s also hazardous to have a faulty zone in your alarm system that keeps getting triggered falsely. This defeats the purpose of an alarm. It’s the classic ‘boy who cried wolf’ situation: if your alarm keeps going off, how will your neighbours or your security company know if there is a real emergency? Call a technician from your security company to come and test your system before you leave.

Don’t Let Your Newspapers and Post Pile Up

If you still receive a fair amount of paper mail and newspapers, either stop delivery while you are away or have someone check and collect it for you regularly. Piles of untouched mail or newspapers in your letterbox are a sure sign that nobody is home.

Inform Your Security Company that You’ll Be Away

Finally, be sure to let your security company know that you will be away. Give them the dates, and also inform them if you have a caretaker watching the place. They should then increase patrols in the area and, if you grant them access, perhaps do an occasional walkthrough on your property. 

TRSS is a security company you can trust to secure your home and provide a watchful eye while you’re away. Contact us for more information on our patrols, security systems and subscription costs.

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Maintenance Tips for Your Home Security Systems

A home security system is a sound investment, and just like any other investment, it needs to be looked after to ensure that it is effective. Create a habit of maintaining your home security system and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’ve created a safe environment for your family.

Here are the key maintenance tips to ensure that your home security system remains effective:


All parts of your home security system need to be inspected routinely. Go through the list of security measures installed in your home and ensure that every part is in working order. Test the equipment, fix anything that is broken and make a note of any concerns to discuss with your local residential security services.

For your convenience, here is a checklist that will help you with inspections:

ItemStatusDate inspected
Access gates  
Access permissions
Beams and sensors  
Burglar Bars  
Electric fencing  
Glass break detectors  
Panic buttons  
Security cameras  
Security gates  


Establishing the status of your home’s security system is only half of the process. Once you know your status, you need to go about updating the security measures, so you’re covered for any possible incident. 

    • Start with updating access permissions to remove or add access for staff members and other authorised persons to visit your home. 
    • Change any locks or access methods that may have been compromised by staff leaving your employment. 
    • Next, update and improve outdated measures by upgrading equipment. 
    • Finally, ensure you have the latest contact details for all emergency services. Emergency numbers should not only always be visible in case of an emergency, but also always easy to find! So, storing these contact details on your phone as well could save valuable seconds when they count the most. 

Keep in Contact

Always keep in contact with your residential security services to stay updated on any potential threats, changes in contact details or developments in security measures that might be necessary to keep your home safe.  

Whether you have questions on any of these tips or you’re in need of residential security services, contact TRSS Reaction for advice and/or a quote on updating the security of your home. 

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What Are the Benefits of Access Control Systems

Electronic access control systems are increasingly common among South African businesses. This is unsurprising, considering the crime rate and the need of owners, tenants and employees to feel safe and secure in their workplace. But, you may be wondering, are these systems really beneficial? Do they really act as advertised? The answer is yes, and here are four reasons why.

Increase Control and Monitoring over Who Comes and Goes

The main advantage to access control is that you, as a business owner, and your staff has full control over who comes in and goes out, and when. The staff has the special authorisation that enables them to enter and exit in line with company regulations, while visitors need permission and sign-in procedures to gain access. A good access system, in combination with vigilant staff especially at reception, ensures that only the people you want on your premises are allowed in.

Deter Criminals

Effective and comprehensive access control turns your premises into a higher-risk prospect from a criminal’s point of view. Provided the system extends to back doors, fire escapes, garage doors, elevators and all other possible points of entry, criminals will find it difficult to gain entry without being detected, and so will look elsewhere. If your system is linked to an armed response service, then your business becomes even less of an attractive proposition for them.

Reduce Internal Theft

As much as you don’t like to think about it, the risk of theft by one of more of your staff members is something you always need to guard against. Electronic access gives you control over who is allowed into which areas of your premises. You can restrict access to valuable stock and equipment. You can then monitor these areas to see if anyone attempts to gain access.

Protect Your Data

While protecting your data online, you should also make sure that the physical heart of your IT system, your data and server rooms, are fully access controlled, so that only authorised staff can enter. In addition, to secure log-in procedures, firewalls, anti-spyware and anti-viruses, you should be able to keep your valuable data doubly protected.

TRSS are specialists in commercial security and armed response. Contact us now to find out how we can keep your business secure.

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5 Ways to Improve Security on Your Commercial Property

Your commercial property is an extremely vulnerable place. Your staff, as well as every valuable asset your company owns, are on the premises almost all the time. Therefore, building powerful security measures is an extremely worthwhile investment. Here are five things you can do to improve your security:

Secure the Perimeter Thoroughly

The obvious place to start is at your points of entry. Secure all doors and windows with security gates and/or bars as well as contact sensors that are connected to your alarm system. There are always going to be entrances that are seldom or never used. Pay special attention to these, and secure them thoroughly. That rear fire exit could easily be a soft target for burglars.

Install CCTV

The next most important aspect of your security is your electronic eye. Cover as much of your property as you can. Also, make sure that you have good digital storage for all the footage and that you can easily access it and play it back when you need to. It won’t necessarily help you prevent a crime but it could help you catch a culprit and possibly get stolen property back. It is also a fairly effective deterrent.

Make your cameras part of a wide-ranging wireless security system that includes your entrance sensors, motion detectors and alarm sirens. Alarm systems, especially ones that involve the number of components you need on your commercial property, are very complex to install and maintain. A wireless system eliminates much of the hassle of installation and also makes the system more scalable and flexible.

Upgrade Your Access Control

Whatever your security budget may be, you would do well to devote a large portion of it to your access control system. There are many sophisticated options available at a variety of price points, making use of everything from key cards to biometrics and face recognition. It ensures that only those authorised to come and go are allowed to do so, and your visitors can be carefully monitored.

Link Your System to an Armed Response Service

Your alarm system, in spite of all its sophisticated accessories, is meaningless if there is nobody to respond to its call. You need to subscribe to a reputable tactical reaction company who can respond with force when necessary for your protection. Many of these companies also offer guarding services for that extra bit of assurance, as well as having access to your CCTV footage around the clock.

Don’t Forget Cyber Security

You don’t only have to worry about the security of your building and physical belongings. Your information is quite possibly the most valuable asset your company has. You should invest considerable resources in protecting your data with various anti-hacking measures, anti-virus software, offline and off-site storage, careful password protection and authentication software and firewalls, amongst other things.

TRSS can provide all of these security services and more. Contact us to give your commercial security the extra anti-crime barrier it needs.

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How to Layer Your Home Security System for Maximum Protection

Strong home security is never achieved through one single layer of protection. If your yard is vulnerable, then only having an alarm system with motion sensors and mags on your doors and windows, is not likely to keep you entirely safe. 

Keeping your home as safe and secure as possible requires building layers of security; starting at your gates and perimeter walls and moving inwards towards your bedrooms and living areas. Think of it as a suit of armour where you need to be sure to fill in all the gaps and chinks. Here’s how to go about it.

Start at the Perimeter 

Whether you opt for high walls or palisade fencing is not the most important factor. A determined burglar will find his way through or over any barrier. The point is to be alerted should any such breach occur, meaning that it can be stopped quickly. Start with a good electric fence going all the way around the property, and connect it to an alarm that will let you know whenever someone or something touches it.

Maintain Your Yard

Keeping your yard in tip-top shape announces to would-be invaders that you are present and conscientious, which makes their job more difficult. Also be sure to make sure all trees and other plants near your perimeter are clear of your electric fence and don’t offer criminals a means of access.

Install Motion Sensor Beams

This is the next layer after your electric fence. Set up beams around your yard to ensure that every part of it is covered. If someone does get past your fence, you will still be alerted to their presence before they gain access to your house.

Secure Your Entrances And Interior, Add Cameras

Install contact sensors on every single point of entry to your house – doors and windows. Make sure there is not a single point of entry that isn’t being “watched”. Then, as well as burglar guards on your windows and security gates, you can also add extra security by reinforcing your doors with bars or additional locks. Also, install cameras to keep an eye on all angles of the property, both inside and outside.

Link to Armed Response

The best alarm system will have very little benefit if it alerts nobody but you. If criminals gain access to your property, you may not have the ability to repel them or to call for help. Link your alarm system to an armed response company such as TRSS and make sure that effective assistance will be on the scene within minutes of an incident.

Contact TRSS for help with designing your layered security system to keep you, your family and your property safe.

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6 Signs Your Business Needs Help from a Top Security Company

Crime is prevalent everywhere you go. Unfortunately, matters may be so bad, that for some business owners it may be necessary to obtain the professional assistance offered by corporate security services to help protect their assets, staff and customers. Many factors influence whether you’ll need the assistance of professional security services. Below, we’ve listed 6 of the most important signs that indicate it is time to secure your business from crime. 

Are You Worried About Crime?

If you’re worried about crime or if you’re located in an area where crime is prevalent, then you will need help from one of the reputable security companies in Johannesburg. 

You’re Concerned about the Response Time in an Emergency

Calling the police is a good thing. But, it often takes time for them to arrive at the scene. 

Theft by Staff or Customers

A reputable security company in Johannesburg can set up advanced security systems in order to limit theft on-site by staff members as well as customers. 


You may be located in an area where vandalism is rife. Corporate security services can help to reduce these risks or even prevent these types of acts of vandalism to your building. 

Are You Worried about Your Employers Working Late? 

The safety of your employers is important. That is why hiring a reliable security company in Johannesburg to set up a safer environment for staff while they work late is absolutely vital. This will also make the staff feel more comfortable and safe at work. 

You Serve Alcohol at Your Business

Alcohol consumption can lead to many adverse reactions; one of which may include trouble with drunk customers such as “acting out” or fights and brawls – and the list goes on. Having security guards and appropriate systems in place will greatly reduce the chaos which can be caused by alcohol consumption. 

For more information contact us today!