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6 Signs Your Business Needs Help from a Top Security Company

Crime is prevalent everywhere you go. Unfortunately, matters may be so bad, that for some business owners it may be necessary to obtain the professional assistance offered by corporate security services to help protect their assets, staff and customers. Many factors influence whether you’ll need the assistance of professional security services. Below, we’ve listed 6 of the most important signs that indicate it is time to secure your business from crime. 

Are You Worried About Crime?

If you’re worried about crime or if you’re located in an area where crime is prevalent, then you will need help from one of the reputable security companies in Johannesburg. 

You’re Concerned about the Response Time in an Emergency

Calling the police is a good thing. But, it often takes time for them to arrive at the scene. 

Theft by Staff or Customers

A reputable security company in Johannesburg can set up advanced security systems in order to limit theft on-site by staff members as well as customers. 


You may be located in an area where vandalism is rife. Corporate security services can help to reduce these risks or even prevent these types of acts of vandalism to your building. 

Are You Worried about Your Employers Working Late? 

The safety of your employers is important. That is why hiring a reliable security company in Johannesburg to set up a safer environment for staff while they work late is absolutely vital. This will also make the staff feel more comfortable and safe at work. 

You Serve Alcohol at Your Business

Alcohol consumption can lead to many adverse reactions; one of which may include trouble with drunk customers such as “acting out” or fights and brawls – and the list goes on. Having security guards and appropriate systems in place will greatly reduce the chaos which can be caused by alcohol consumption. 

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What Is the Role of Tactical Security?

When you think about tactical security, SWAT is what most often comes to mind. And, that is indeed what it is. The abbreviation for SWAT is “Special Weapons and Tactics”. These very specially trained forces brave each day to help protect their clients. The role of SWAT in corporate security consists of many things. Needless to say, it is an extremely high-risk job.

What Does a Tactical Security Team Do?

Protective service companies undergo intensive and very specialised training. They provide services in a variety of areas such as armed response, SWAT services and off-site monitoring to name a few.

Armed Response

Armed response has to be on standby in any dangerous event or incident. Highly trained teams are continuously kept up to date with the latest criminal activities and threats and are always improving on their current skills.

Comprehensive training includes working with various weapons, night vision equipment and target practice. Physical training is essential to keep fit, so as to be able to react to any dangerous situation including house penetrations, hostage situations, driveway hijackings and lots more. They need to stay prepared every second of every day.


SWAT teams are sometimes comprised of groups of skilled and professional ex-military operatives who also stay in shape and up to date with military training. Security companies sometimes deploy a SWAT team to provide extra security measures and support to an already existing tactical security team.

Tactical Off-Site Monitoring

Off-site monitoring is vital to ensure that an area or areas are secured at all times. Tactical teams will continue to guard the place and be on standby in case of an emergency.

Protecting citizens are one of the most important roles that tactical securities play. They will continue to be the first in line when it comes to stopping criminal activity.

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Why You Need Predictive Residential Security Services – Not Reactive

Criminals are becoming smarter. They are coming up with new ways to gain access to homes and cause harm. If you want to secure your property and ensure the safety of your household, you’ll need to be a step ahead of these intruders. This is where predictive residential security services come in.

Predictive residential security services go beyond simply installing home alarm systems or an electric fence. These services work to better understand your security needs and vulnerabilities. They rely on years of security data to respond to events and, therefore, ensure the safety of your property.

For example, off-site security personnel monitoring your property are trained to spot specific conditions such as the same car parked outside your home or a person with suspicious behaviour walking by your home. This ensures that security personnel is able to respond faster and thus prevent damage or injury.

Predictive residential security services also ensure that areas of vulnerability are prioritised in the design of home alarm systems. These services do not apply a one-size-fits-all model to the installation of the security system. They design the system based on your specific needs following an inspection of your property. This ensures greater security for your household.

Bespoke security systems ensure more efficient use of resources. They also improve the chances of intercepting criminals. These systems reduce the chances of false alarms and, therefore, ensure that security personnel is available to respond to actual emergency situations.

If you’re looking to secure your property, contact us, TRSS. We’ll provide you with bespoke security services to meet your specific needs.

load shedding

How to Keep Your Business Secure During Load Shedding

Since mid-February, large parts of South Africa have experienced rolling blackouts. As one of the leading commercial security companies in the country, TRSS Security would like to warn clients, readers and citizens to make sure their businesses are secure when the power is off.

If your alarm system has been installed by a professional, correctly programmed and coupled to a battery system, it will continue to protect your property and premises – even if there is a blackout. To make sure that you, your staff and visitors to your offices and premises aren’t left unprotected, double-check the quality and power level of your backup batteries often. Another proactive step that business owners can take is to alert security guards when the power is off so that they can be extra vigilant. Train them to report any suspicious activity and to be particularly watchful of trespassers during rolling blackouts.

If your business premise is exposed to extended load shedding, be sure to check the alarm system every three or four hours. Other systems that should be checked include the fire systems as well as the batteries. Issue a communiqué to employees to avoid using gas and candles as this can increase the risk of fires. It is wise to install energy saving lights such as LEDs to reduce your demand on battery power during these times.

Another step that companies can take is to contact TRSS for armed response security systems and door access control systems. Not only can our guards be on call 24/7, but we can ensure that the right people get access to the right areas through our quality access control systems. Contact TRSS security for more information about commercial security companies in South Africa today.

wireless security system

Real-Time Offsite Monitoring And Remote Viewing Services For Your Business

With the steady rise in crime rates over the past few years, taking additional security measures have become crucial. TRSS, along with many other security companies in South Africa, has found that a wireless security camera system is one of the most effective security measures that a person or business can take to secure their homes or offices.

All types of property crimes, including break-ins and motor vehicle thefts and larceny-thefts, can be curbed and minimized with a high-quality video security system. If you live in Gauteng, then you are all too familiar with how common burglaries have become. To avoid incurring financial losses, you need to be proactive about the security measures in and around your property.

Here Are A Few Ways A Wireless Security Camera System Can Help:

Prevent Thefts:

When criminals become aware that a house or business is being watched, chances are they will leave the property alone. This is simply due to the fact that it is too high a risk to break into and enter a property where there will be recordings of their faces and their interactions with fellow burglars.

Instill A Sense Of Security:

Most people who have a video security system in their home and offices say that they feel more secure as a result of the added security.

Record Every Detail:

If you need to review a particular series of events, a video security system documents all the footage including the dates and times.

Enables Remote Monitoring:

Today’s state-of-the-art wireless security camera systems allow you to keep an eye on your home and business while you are not there.

Advanced Warning:

The latest video security systems will alert you to any suspicious activity that it captures.

Increased Professionalism:

Many companies have testified that a camera system increases professionalism at the workplace.

Are you ready to make your business more secure? Then get in touch with TRSS for wireless security camera systems and tactical reaction services today.

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TRSS is fighting crime on William Nicol

William Nicol is a renowned road in Johannesburg. If you are not hearing about it in the news because of the traffic, then you are likely hearing about a hi-jacking, smash-and-grab, or other criminal activity.

Many residents of Fourways are hypervigilant when they travel along William Nicol. Even with visible police activity, people are scared and they don’t feel protected. recently reported that CEO of Nashua Central, Phil McDiarmid, launched a site to investigate the crime on William Nicol and see how his company could assist. TRSS, along with RSS and OSM joined forces with Phil to provide security solutions on William Nicol and Leslie Roads, the two roads that were identified as areas of immediate concern.

TRSS installed industry-leading ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras to monitor all passing vehicles on these roads. The IP cameras are linked to amazing software that alerts our security teams and the SAPS of potential criminals and criminals that have been involved in crime so that they can be stopped and apprehended before more crimes are committed.

An issue that hits close to home

Brett Fisher, CEO – RSS Security Services & Executive Director for TRSS Reaction, as one of the first students to attend Fourways High School when it opened and is currently raising his family in Fourways.

“I have lived in the Fourways area for over 30 years, I have 4 boys, the eldest is 14 years old and attends Fourways High with some of my old teachers! It is no secret that we have been hit with a crime wave. I hope to see more businesses, estates and the community getting behind this initiative. I would like them to engage with Nashua and OSM or ourselves to get on board with cameras and OSM so we can blanket the entire area and get the crime under control – as mentioned, we have the technology at our fingertips – let’s use it and make Fourways a great place for our families to grow up in,” says Brett.

This is just one of the many ways that TRSS supports and protects their community. If you need residential or commercial security services, contact us today.


SWAT And Reaction Services In Gauteng

Do you need trained security specialists who use state-of-the-art security equipment and receive ongoing training? Then TRSS is the company you should partner with. Many times, clients contact us regarding security services, but they are unsure of what they need. Here is an overview of our reaction service offering as well as our SWAT services in Gauteng:

  • Reaction Services

Our reaction service team responds to homes, corporates, retail shops, shopping centres, industrial etc – responding to alarms and panic signals, also CCTV alarms. This team of highly trained professionals has specialised skills to operate advanced weapons, handle complex situations and protect people in potentially dangerous circumstances.

  • SWAT Services

Our SWAT team is not only skilled and certified to use weapons, but their critical event and adverse situational training place them in the position to handle any situation that may arise. The SWAT team can be hired for the protection of individuals and groups, as well as to provide security at events in and around Gauteng.

Both our reaction and SWAT teams receive ongoing, advanced training to ensure that their defence skills remain sharp. Stringent evaluations are part of our regular training, and we regularly test the response times and skills of our team members.

At TRSS, we are not reactive with our approach towards fighting crime. Our proactive approach, combined with our teams’ training and the technology we use, puts us in the ideal position to provide top-rated security solutions to individuals and businesses. Protecting people in Gauteng is at the core of everything we do.

Contact our security company for more information about our SWAT services today.

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R2,000,000,000 bank heist!

That’s quite a jump from the last big South African bank heist of R400,000 that happened 40 years ago in Krugersdorp. The criminals are better dressed too! Still, it’s almost insignificant compared to the amounts “lost” by SOEs and municipalities. Imagine where we could have been without all that…

So much more could have been done to reduce unemployment and poverty. The great news is that change is in the air. Slowly the people responsible for these disasters who were once untouchable are now being removed from their positions and are being replaced. I’m encouraged by these changes and remain optimistic about the future of our great country. There is growing political excitement about the upcoming elections. Let’s hope that following these elections the new government will tackle these problems with increased determination, urgency and effectiveness.

An encouraging start has been made but there is also a fight back which must not be allowed to prevail. How much of a storm is brewing remains to be seen… for now, let’s learn to dance in the rain!

In our neighbourhoods crime has increased and is not yet showing any signs of reducing. We all need to take personal responsibility for our families and homes by being more aware of the risks, modifying our behaviour to avoid those risks, regularly checking our technical equipment and beefing up our defences. Effective perimeter security is important. Locked gates, electric fences and outdoor beams are good deterrents and give you more time to react against any attempt to get into your house or to reach you. Regularly making sure that these perimeter defences are working is vital; particularly in complexes and estates.

The Fourways area is growing like topsy and is certainly the ‘New North’. The Fourways Mall will become the second largest in South Africa with 175,000sm of retail space. In the greater Fourways area there are expectations and plans to build 40,000 additional household units over the next 20 years. Add to that the further development of Lanseria Airport, including a Gautrain station linked to a station in Fourways and on into the rest of the Gautrain network and you have an ambitious and impressive development plan.

All this exciting growth throughout our TRSS geographical footprint will, of course, create opportunities for criminal networks to up their game – security companies need to stay ahead of the criminals by continuing to find more effective ways to combine technology and manpower to keep them out of our areas.

Please make sure all of you have tested your alarm systems and perimeter protection to keep your families and valuables safe. For those of you lucky enough to be going on holiday, travel safe and let’s look forward to 2019!

TRSS IN 2018!


Dec newsletter 04

Multi discipline training is a joint effort between TRSS and some of its partners designed to ensure that all parties are able to work together in any situation to ensure the best possible solutions.

TRSS goes above and beyond standard training, to make sure that our staff are at the pinnacle of the industry. We pride ourselves on being the best, and we aim to bring everyone else along with us to the top. Security in South Africa is always a concern and TRSS like to ensure that security companies and their support structure are all fully capable of handling any situation.

Dec newsletter 05

Training this year has been a huge success with SAPS, JMPD, Customs, CPF, Pikitup and residents of the areas. Some of the training has led to the seizure of many illegal items, contrabands and arrests. TRSS is always striving to be the very best.


TRSS is forever increasing awareness to help protect our communities.

Dec newsletter 06

This year we have partnered with various security companies as well as SAPS and JMPD to help reduce crime at troubling intersections, participated in crime awareness days with SAPS, clean up operations, search opeations and many other initiatives.

By creating awareness, we aim to ensure the public know we’re here to protect and to make sure the bad guys know we are fully committed to crime prevention.

Some of our projects to build awareness in 2018 included our Crime Awareness Day with SAPS and various projects to help reduce hijacking attempts.


Dec newsletter 01

Introducing Auto-Dispatch! Each of our Armed Response Vehicles have been outfitted with a Tom-Tom Device tablet, designed to immediately pick up a panic button being pressed and direct the closest vehicle to the emergency via the shortest possible route. Our control centre is notified by the device allowing for full synchro- nisation in communications, creating the fastest possible response times.

Dec newsletter 02

Our teams never sleep! But they do take shifts!

While our communities are fast asleep, our teams are hard at work to make sure we all sleep with some peace. Here is an example of the actions report from a team in Bryanston over night. We don’t miss a spot!

Dec newsletter 03

Please find the following report from the site Bryanston:

BRYANSTON 18h33 A lady spotted walking Berkley South.
BRYANSTON 18h56 People spotted standing Berkley 4.
BRYANSTON 19h06 Man spotted standing at Berkley 4.
TRSS Contacted spoke to Thapelo OB No 8919.
BRYANSTON 19h13 TRSS Reaction Vehicle arrived on site.
FEEDBACK A woman working along 6 Berkley visited girlfriend at 4
BRYANSTON 19h43 Reaction Vehicle passing along Berkley
Cottsmore West.
BRYANSTON 21h28 TRSS Reaction passing along Berkley South.
BRYANSTON 23h43 Car spotted passing along Berkley 4.
BRYANSTON 00h08 Car spotted passing along Berkley Cottsmore
BRYANSTON 05h39 A lady spotted walking along Berkley South.