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TRSS is fighting crime on William Nicol

William Nicol is a renowned road in Johannesburg. If you are not hearing about it in the news because of the traffic, then you are likely hearing about a hi-jacking, smash-and-grab, or other criminal activity.

Many residents of Fourways are hypervigilant when they travel along William Nicol. Even with visible police activity, people are scared and they don’t feel protected. recently reported that CEO of Nashua Central, Phil McDiarmid, launched a site to investigate the crime on William Nicol and see how his company could assist. TRSS, along with RSS and OSM joined forces with Phil to provide security solutions on William Nicol and Leslie Roads, the two roads that were identified as areas of immediate concern.

TRSS installed industry-leading ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras to monitor all passing vehicles on these roads. The IP cameras are linked to amazing software that alerts our security teams and the SAPS of potential criminals and criminals that have been involved in crime so that they can be stopped and apprehended before more crimes are committed.

An issue that hits close to home

Brett Fisher, CEO – RSS Security Services & Executive Director for TRSS Reaction, as one of the first students to attend Fourways High School when it opened and is currently raising his family in Fourways.

“I have lived in the Fourways area for over 30 years, I have 4 boys, the eldest is 14 years old and attends Fourways High with some of my old teachers! It is no secret that we have been hit with a crime wave. I hope to see more businesses, estates and the community getting behind this initiative. I would like them to engage with Nashua and OSM or ourselves to get on board with cameras and OSM so we can blanket the entire area and get the crime under control – as mentioned, we have the technology at our fingertips – let’s use it and make Fourways a great place for our families to grow up in,” says Brett.

This is just one of the many ways that TRSS supports and protects their community. If you need residential or commercial security services, contact us today.


SWAT And Reaction Services In Gauteng

Do you need trained security specialists who use state-of-the-art security equipment and receive ongoing training? Then TRSS is the company you should partner with. Many times, clients contact us regarding security services, but they are unsure of what they need. Here is an overview of our reaction service offering as well as our SWAT services in Gauteng:

  • Reaction Services

Our reaction service team responds to homes, corporates, retail shops, shopping centres, industrial etc – responding to alarms and panic signals, also CCTV alarms. This team of highly trained professionals has specialised skills to operate advanced weapons, handle complex situations and protect people in potentially dangerous circumstances.

  • SWAT Services

Our SWAT team is not only skilled and certified to use weapons, but their critical event and adverse situational training place them in the position to handle any situation that may arise. The SWAT team can be hired for the protection of individuals and groups, as well as to provide security at events in and around Gauteng.

Both our reaction and SWAT teams receive ongoing, advanced training to ensure that their defence skills remain sharp. Stringent evaluations are part of our regular training, and we regularly test the response times and skills of our team members.

At TRSS, we are not reactive with our approach towards fighting crime. Our proactive approach, combined with our teams’ training and the technology we use, puts us in the ideal position to provide top-rated security solutions to individuals and businesses. Protecting people in Gauteng is at the core of everything we do.

Contact our security company for more information about our SWAT services today.

TRSS Medical Emergency Response

Many South Africans spend thousands of Rands every month on medical aid programs to ensure that their families have access to private healthcare when the inevitable happens. With the levels of trauma based incidents on the increase both on South African roads as well as at home, it is becoming more and more vital to bridge the gap between the scene of an incident and the private healthcare facility your medical aid grants you access to.

RSS Medical Emergency Response has one goal: to deliver the most appropriate level of qualification to the scene of a medical emergency in the quickest possible time. In the event of a medical emergency, a patients chances of survival can deteriorate by as much as 10% per minute. Over the past 3 years, RSS Medical Emergency Response has played a pivotal role in the outcomes of more than 1000 patients who have experienced a medical emergency while at home.

RSS Medical aims to reduce our response times by adopting two specific strategies namely only RSS Medical clients having access to this premier service and having defined borders to the areas the RSS Medical vehicles respond within.

This system allows anyone on the property to have access including your family, staff or visitors. All that is needed is a single call to the RSS Medical. To ensure the most rapid response possible, please be willing to give the following details:

Your name and contact number
Confirm the house number, Estate name and the road the entrance of the Estate is on (this is preprogrammed onto our dispatch systems however we do need to confirm these details)
The nature of the incident and what has happened
Once this information is received, the medical vehicle will be dispatched and arrive shortly. Currently, RSS Medical is proud to boast an average response time of 6 minutes. This is however influenced by factors such as traffic patterns, position of the vehicle when it is dispatched and availability of the vehicle. Should the RSS Medical vehicle be already committed to assisting another client, RSS Medical will dispatch one of the service providers that arrive on behalf of RSS Medical Emergency Response.

RSS Medical hopes to never have to respond to either you or your family while at home but in the event of a medical emergency, we are just a phone call away. Save the number and maybe it will save your life. (Number only made available to clients of RSS Medical).

Should you wish to become a member of RSS Medical, please contact us on