5 Top Security Trends for 2020

As the New Year begins, the security industry is already buzzing with discussions about a variety of technological advancements. These are likely to not only develop further through the coming year, but also to make significant changes to the way security operatives will work. From changes in CCTV cameras to cloud-based monitoring systems, here are the top five security trends for 2020.


A major point of discussion in the industry globally is the effect that cybersecurity is having on physical security. This is set to be the top trend as the new year gets under way. The Internet of Things (IoT) and social media are both serious considerations for the industry, as security systems become increasingly more integrated with the internet and hackers continue to use social media platforms as sources of sensitive information. Security systems being increasingly smart and connected, new measures need to be taken to protect them against hacking, particularly in the commercial sector. 


Although AI has not been rolled out to a large extent in South Africa, it is set to be as dominant here as it is starting to become in other countries. American security companies are starting to offer fully integrated home surveillance systems that add predictive AI to wireless cameras and IPTV. The AI operates on deep learning algorithms that are able to determine whether any movements that activate cameras and sensors are as a result of a human or an animal or some other moving object. The AI interacts with human monitoring systems to determine courses of action after an activation. This kind of technology is rapidly advancing and is likely to become standard at some point in the future.

Facial Recognition

Biometric identification systems  are also advancing at a pace. Fingerprint access systems have long been common in South African businesses. Facial recognition is the next innovation to rise towards standardisation. While not exactly new, the technology is becoming more accessible.

Cloud Computing

Cyber security and physical security are converging in a number of interesting ways. In addition to IoT, cloud-based services are becoming more common in the security industry, allowing access to security devices through a smartphone or web-based browser.

Identity as the New Perimeter

“Identity is the new perimeter” is becoming a common catchphrase in the world of cyber security, and physical security by extension. Put simply, security professionals now need to come up with ways to reliably identify and verify users. As more and more business and other daily functions are being carried out online, this means that digital identity is the latest barrier between users and data and network infrastructure. 

As a leading security company, TRSS does its best to stay up to date on all the latest trends in the industry. We integrate them into our operations, which means our patrolling, tactical armed response, monitoring, guarding and wireless CCTV camera systems are all kept at the cutting edge. Contact us for more information.

Corporate Security

5 Ways to Improve Security on Your Commercial Property

Your commercial property is an extremely vulnerable place. Your staff, as well as every valuable asset your company owns, are on the premises almost all the time. Therefore, building powerful security measures is an extremely worthwhile investment. Here are five things you can do to improve your security:

Secure the Perimeter Thoroughly

The obvious place to start is at your points of entry. Secure all doors and windows with security gates and/or bars as well as contact sensors that are connected to your alarm system. There are always going to be entrances that are seldom or never used. Pay special attention to these, and secure them thoroughly. That rear fire exit could easily be a soft target for burglars.

Install CCTV

The next most important aspect of your security is your electronic eye. Cover as much of your property as you can. Also, make sure that you have good digital storage for all the footage and that you can easily access it and play it back when you need to. It won’t necessarily help you prevent a crime but it could help you catch a culprit and possibly get stolen property back. It is also a fairly effective deterrent.

Make your cameras part of a wide-ranging wireless security system that includes your entrance sensors, motion detectors and alarm sirens. Alarm systems, especially ones that involve the number of components you need on your commercial property, are very complex to install and maintain. A wireless system eliminates much of the hassle of installation and also makes the system more scalable and flexible.

Upgrade Your Access Control

Whatever your security budget may be, you would do well to devote a large portion of it to your access control system. There are many sophisticated options available at a variety of price points, making use of everything from key cards to biometrics and face recognition. It ensures that only those authorised to come and go are allowed to do so, and your visitors can be carefully monitored.

Link Your System to an Armed Response Service

Your alarm system, in spite of all its sophisticated accessories, is meaningless if there is nobody to respond to its call. You need to subscribe to a reputable tactical reaction company who can respond with force when necessary for your protection. Many of these companies also offer guarding services for that extra bit of assurance, as well as having access to your CCTV footage around the clock.

Don’t Forget Cyber Security

You don’t only have to worry about the security of your building and physical belongings. Your information is quite possibly the most valuable asset your company has. You should invest considerable resources in protecting your data with various anti-hacking measures, anti-virus software, offline and off-site storage, careful password protection and authentication software and firewalls, amongst other things.

TRSS can provide all of these security services and more. Contact us to give your commercial security the extra anti-crime barrier it needs.