Commercial burglary, how can you protect yourself?

Commercial burglary, how can you protect yourself?

Commercial burglary, how can you protect yourself?

Although burglaries are on the increase, you can help prevent burglary at your business by knowing the following valuable information.

Smash and grab burglars usually enter through the most vulnerable points: through a roof-light, forcing a window, perhaps finding an insecure door. If your property isn't adequately secured, they smash a window and steal from the window display. They seldom try to overcome the alarm system although they may take caution to avoid setting it off. Usually they take relatively little – typically only what can easily be carried off. ‘Soft’ targets who do not carry high value stock and do not go to great lengths to protect their shops are often the most vulnerable.

More sophisticated robberies are where burglars overcome alarm systems in various ways. They may cut the signalling of the alarm system, fill exterior alarm bells with foam to stop them sounding, and smash strobe lights. In some cases, the burglars avoid the alarm system either as a result of careful observation or through inside information. In others a common ploy is to set the alarm off repeatedly and wait until the police and key holders stop responding to it. With the alarm disabled the burglars have more time to act and will usually enter unobtrusively, forcing side or back doors or windows. Their usual target is high value stock and sometimes the safe (which is often removed entirely).

What can you do about it? Slow Them Down as much as possible. Time is a key factor in most burglaries. Burglars will put themselves at risk of being caught for as little time as possible. For them the risks are highest when they are conspicuous to passers-by or in the short time they have to complete their burglary after a burglar alarm has gone off. To prevent burglaries effectively, you should delay burglars at these times for as long as possible in order to make the risk seem unacceptable. The best way to do this is to put your resources into more than one layer of security, the more barriers you create, the more you will slow them down.

Train Your Staff - You need full support from your staff. Teach them about the burglary prevention measures you have taken. Explain to staff the importance of keeping a watchful eye for suspicious people or vehicles during working hours. Get them involved by asking their opinions and ideas about the measures you are taking or propose to take. Above all, you should build key security into your staff training programme. Ensure that only specially selected staff have access to certain keys or combination locks, and that keys to secure areas are not left within the shop. Selected staff or managers must thoroughly understand their responsibilities for locking and securing fastenings on windows and doors, cabinets, internal offices where cash may be held, safes, rooflights and any other exits.

Most thieves feel encouraged when they see that the premises aren’t monitored through surveillance cameras, alarms and security guards.

TRSS will take the time to understand your company’s unique security challenges. Our team helps create an integrated security model that addresses your needs and fits your budget. Contact us today for a free consultation so that we can help you protect your business.