Article - Importance of early warning detection


Importance of early warning detection

Due to the shamefully high crime rates in South Africa, many homeowners across the country have turned to private security companies for armed response as well as the installation for alarms, security beams, electric motor gates and electric fences.

Building a multi-layered security framework is essential to protect your property. Perimeter protection is the first line in the defence to detect an intruder. The longer it takes to break into your home, the less likely it is that this will happen. In addition, it is of utmost importance that you are alerted of any unwanted “guests” before it’s too late. Physical protection and barriers such as good quality electric fencing is no match when it comes to deterring burglars. If anyone tries to climb or cut the fence, the alarm system will be activated, sending a notification.

Motion beams or outdoor passives are a great backup to good physical security as they provide early detection allowing homeowners to quickly ascertain whether there is an intruder on the property. You can place motion sensors throughout the outside perimeter to detect movements. These sensors use infrared rays to sense motion. There are two types of motion sensors: active and passive. If the sensor is active, it will use a power source to detect any motion. However, a passive system only sends an alarm when there is a change in movement or temperature.

If you want to design an excellent perimeter security system you should focus on a system that features around-the-clock surveillance, includes high-grade security fences, install sensors and detectors, keep the perimeter well-lit and sign up with a reputable armed response company.

Lastly, when choosing a security provider, ensure that your company of choice is a registered member of the South African Intruder Detection Service Associations (SAIDSA), so you can be confident that their equipment and training meets the necessary standards.

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