GPS Based Patrol System

How do we ensure that our security officers conduct an effective patrol on site? We invest in the latest state of the art GPS based technology that prompts our officers on their patrols.


The site Area Manager, along with the client, walks the site and plots the area that needs to be patrolled on a regular basis. This information is plotted online and stored in the cloud. But do criminals know what times and routes the officers take? No, as we have the ability to load over 90 different patrol routes and times for each site. This ensures that criminals never know when to expect our officers.

Gone are the days of an old clocking baton system where permanent points are installed. We use android devices that are equipped to act as a panic button and push-to-talk functionality. This system uses live tracking to ensure that officers are not ambushed on site. Should a patrol be missed, our control centre is notified immediately and makes contact with the site to ascertain why this is. Should no contact be made, our area supervisor is dispatched to assess the situation.

Weekly reports are submitted to our clients directly from our supplier as we believe in complete transparency.

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TRSS is a high quality, quick response, guarding and security service that helps protect people and property.
This helps reduce liability while it promotes safety and peace of mind.
We present a high visibility profile, with marked patrol vehicles and professional uniforms, which in and of themselves are a deterrent.
We back up with internal policies and procedures so that you are assured that all situations are handled in the best possible way.
Highly experienced field supervisors are in communication with the security officers throughout each shift to make spot checks to see that the clients’ properties are being properly checked.
Our own radio dispatch centre is staffed 24 hours a day by trained communications specialists to immediately give support and assistance to officers in the field.
The very best state-of-the-art equipment is supplied to all officers to help them perform their duties as effectively as possible.


Maintaining strict security standards whilst providing a relaxed and welcoming experience to visitors has never been more important or more challenging in the luxury retail environment. Our staff are trained to provide outstanding customer service, whilst meeting strict security regulations.
Just-in-time inventory management requires a distribution operation that runs flawlessly. Security is an integral part of ensuring the integrity of your warehousing operation – access control, yard management and virtual patrols. Tactical Guarding will deliver dependable and reliable security services.
TRSS secures commercial premises such as offices, factories and laboratories. We design our services to suit each specific site and location and invest extensively in training schemes, equipping our staff with the tools to deliver a top-quality customer service
We deliver feature rich security solutions that work effortlessly alongside your daily routines, adding a durable layer of protection to sites, properties and equipment.
Providing security services to financial institutions requires an inherent understanding of site activities, client organisational structure and culture, and response protocols. Safety and security are interwoven into all aspects of everyday working life.
Drawing upon our familiarity with the widest range of operating environments and regulatory bodies, we guarantee that each solution we deliver complies with all relevant industry standards and is fully integrated to the specific needs of the Civil Aviation Authority.
TRSS will add value to your mining operations by enhancing program productivity and supporting your security compliance and regulations.
We are committed to protecting faculty, staff and students at its campuses throughout Gauteng.

"Safety doesn’t happen by accident"

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