Industrial Guarding

Industrial properties are often large and it can be difficult to keep track of who should be on the property and who shouldn’t. Our guards patrol your property with the use of real time GPS based patrols that are linked to our control centre, and ensure that only cleared personnel and visitors are on your industrial property.


Industrial sites are a common target for criminals as expensive machinery and office equipment are easily accessible. Many of these sites are operational throughout a 24 hour period. Delivery trucks are in and out of the premises and security is often the item that receives the least attention. This causing not only theft and robberies, but also shrinkage due to the incorrect systems being implemented.

It is imperative for industrial sites to not only ensure that Occupational Health and Safety standards are met, but that the security officers on site are equipped to ensure that proper dispatch and receiving processes are followed. At TRSS, we assist clients to understand the weak areas and ensure that protocols are built and followed to minimize shrinkage.

We offer pre-employment vetting and often place covert staff in factories to assess the onsite staffs intentions. Voice stress analysis is also conducted on permanent staff on an adhoc basis.

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Our security camera systems easily integrate with third-party security systems such as access control systems and visitor management and video analytics software, enabling you to further enhance security measures by keeping detailed and verified video records of people who enter the premises, including dates and times.
Off-Site Monitoring
Off-site monitoring enables us to setup virtual trip-wires to activate alerts in the case of a suspicious event. This means that our Control Room Operator can now monitor your area with a more focused and acute awareness.
Armed Reaction
Our Armed Response teams are highly trained professionals who use the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Not only are they experienced in protecting homes and businesses, but they also have specialised skills to operate advanced weapons and to handle complex and potentially dangerous situations.
Access Control
Access control measures should ideally comprise of individual access cards, or even better, biometrics, with no access being permitted to any visitor or contractor without telephonic verification from the site manager. Vehicle license scanners ensure a complete audit trail of who enters and exists the site.


  • Large amounts of cash on site?
  • Large amounts of cash changing hands on your premises?
  • Cashiers who require the protection of a security team?

Our commercial security guarding staff can be hired to create the safest possible circumstances in which to handle cash.
TRSS employees monitor the entrances and exits of your premises, keep their eyes peeled for hidden weapons, and scan the premises in question for signs of irregularity. An access controlled security gate may not provide sufficient protection.
As one of Gauteng’s leading security companies, our experts at TRSS will help you initiate and install the most comprehensive and cost-effective business security system, guaranteed to secure potential points of weakness and to meet your specific requirements.
With an integrated security system, you can run a safer, more efficient business with remote system access and real-time control of the entire premises.

"Safety doesn’t happen by accident"

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